“I want to be on TV”, Wendy Williams Plans To Return To Daytime Television

Wendy is planning a return to your TV screen!

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, her publicist Shawn Zanotti shared, “Wendy is working on several projects,” and plans to “get back to being Wendy Williams”.

The daytime TV queen was spotted shopping at Petco for her cats. She told the paparazzi, “I’m shopping for kitty litter because I have a wax museum in Paris and in California.” She added, “so I’m going to spend a week in Paris and three weeks in California.”

“I want to be on TV,” Wendy added. Further explaining that her TV return would be in the likes of “Seth Meyers, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, The View, stuff like that. I am formerly retired.”

Wendy made her first public appearance at our Circle of Sisters event in November 2022. She detailed her battle with lymphedema and Graves disease. “I have lymphedema, my feet are all broken up down there. But I refuse to get into a wheelchair,” she shared with the crowd. “I’m only 58 years young”.

“For 14 years I was doing the Wendy Williams Show. And as much as I loved doing it, I was ready to do something new with my life.”

Watch the full Circle of Sister recap below: