Ice-T Says He’s Open To A.I. Extending His Acting Career

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While the development of artificial intelligence continues to grow within the entertainment industry, many artists are weary of how it will affect their careers. Ice-T, however, is sharing that he isn’t worried at all.

In a conversation with Page Six, he says he’s open to A.I. being used to possibly extend tthe longevity of his acting career.

“I think Ice-T could potentially act forever,” Ice-T said. “I wouldn’t care. I think to say ‘no’ would be selfish. A future AI version of me would be better than me.”

He explained that he has a strong belief in that you can’t beat the inevitable.

“I believe it’s coming and we need to just address it as it comes. There is nothing you can do,” he explained. “One of my favorite quotes from [famed producer] Quincy Jones is, ‘if you want to lose a fight, fight the future.’ If you can’t beat them, join them. I am trying to read as much [as I can] to be involved as it grows.”