Iconic Music Band, Kool & The Gang, Releases New Single + Video: “Let’s Party”

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For over fifty years, Kool & the Gang’s discography has been played in rotation at weddings, skating rinks, cookouts and graduations. Their newest single, “Let’s Party”, is the latest to be added to their groovy roster.

The new single “Let’s Party” is taken from K&TG’s forthcoming album People Just Want to Have Fun, which is set to release in March 2023.

According to Billboard World Music, the record is produced by original band member and drummer George “Funky” Brown who co-composed the song with Sha Sha Jones, a celebrated Oklahoma singer.

“Let’s Party” features the classic Kool & the Gang elements such as the nostalgic guitar riffs, drums, electric keys and horns. The single invites music fans from all over to ‘celebrate good times’ and party.

The only original members are bassist Robert ‘Kool’ Bell and drummer/producer George Benson. Amir Bayyan of Kool & the Gang protégé, The Kay-Gees, acts as the guitarist, musical director Curtis Williams is on the keyboards, Tim Horton is on drums while Michael Ray plays the trumpet.