‘IDC What Nobody Else Want To Say’ – Spice Speaks On Erica Mena Getting Fired After Racist Rant 

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Spice just simply doesn’t care about anyone’s opinions. 

During an MTV round table discussion about racist behavior on Love and Hip Hop, Spice spoke her truth. This comes after her cast mate, Erica Mena was fired for calling her a “blue monkey.”

Spice revealed, “I don’t care what nobody else wants to say: A racist was revealed. 400 years ago, our slave masters would call us monkeys to … dehumanize us. It was a tactic to justify racism. … This is a deeply rooted slur that has nothing to do with me.” 

Then the “Go Down Deh” dancehall artist continued, “The history, the burden, the blood, the slashes, the tears, and the fights … everything is attached to this word.” 

After Erica and Spice’s heated argument on L&HH, after watching the episode some fans felt Spice provoked the situation. During the round table, Spice spoke on that. 

“The color of my skin makes me seem like the aggressor or whatever. They’re painting me now to be the ‘angry Black woman.’ I can take full accountability for coming for her parenting. Her reply could have been a million other words that were in her vocabulary. Why a racial slur?”

Erica was fired after the episode aired and the network received backlash. She blasted the network for not including her in the round table discussion

In addition, she issued an apology to Spice, “I deeply regret my insensitive comment and want to humbly apologize to anybody I hurt or offended by my thoughtlessness.” She continued,

“My choice of words was wrong, and I take full responsibility for what I said.” The Root points out Erica said she’s the mother of two Black children, so her use of the word, “was not in any way racially driven.” 

The publication notes Spice wasn’t buying it. Spice reacted and said, “I take accountability for coming for Erica’s parenting, but it doesn’t sound to me like she wants to take accountability for being a racist or using a racial slur. I can’t trigger you to be a racist. You can’t trigger someone to be a racist.” 

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