In Case You Didn’t Know: Historic NCAA Women’s Championship Moments

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This week, the NCAA tournament has had a bit of an uproar this year coming from the women’s championship. The LSU Tigers beat the Iowa Hawkeyes but not without some pretty normal trash talk and between the teams. Naturally, social media had opinions, even First Lady Dr. Jill Biden caught some of the smoke from the outrage.

A lot of the outrage stems from the continuous mistreatment of women basketball players as opposed to their male counterparts.

To focus on more positive events, we’re going to go over some other moments from the NCAA Women’s Championships that went down in the history books for this week’s In Case You Didn’t Know.

Historic NCAA Women’s Tournament Moments

lorri bauman ncaa

Starting with Lorri Bauman. The basketball star has had the most points scored by a single player in a game. In 1982, Bauman scored a record 50 points for Drake against the Maryland Terrapins. This event was also the very first NCAA women’s basketball tournament ever.

Next highlight is Anriel Howard. The player currently holds the record for the most rebounds in a game. She grabbed 27 rebounds as a freshman for Texas A&M in 2016. She also nine points and one assist in the game.

Brittney Griner is up next with the most blocked shots in a single game. In 2010, the player blocked 14 shots, setting the NCAA record along with seven points and six rebounds. Throughout the game, Griner blocked more points than what her Georgetown opponents made in that game.

Last up is Tasha Pointer. The player holds the record for the most assists in a single game in NCAA women’s championship history. in 2001, Pointer racked up 18 total assists for Rutgers in an 80-43 win against Stephen F. Austin State University. She is still the all-time leader in assists at Rutgers and helped take them to a Final Four.