India Arie Condemns Megan Thee Stallion’s Hot Girl Bootcamp at Essence Fest

India Arie

The H-town Hottie and Age of Pleasure singer have sparked a modesty discussion.

India Arie is not pleased with Megan Thee Stallion’s Hot Girl Bootcamp at the 2023 ESSENCE Festival of Culture™ presented by Coca-Cola®.

The controversy started when headliner, Megan Thee Stallion closed out the concert series on the final day. In celebration of 50 years of Hip-Hop, the H-Town hottie performed her beloved hits, “HER,” “Freak Nasty,” and “Cash Sh*t.”

In true Hot Girl fashion, the rapper showed off her impressive dance moves, flexibility, and knee-dexterity. Toward the end of her headlining set, she picked 20 fans from the crowd to join her in a celebration of “body-ody-ody” for a showcase of their best bouncing skills.

Janelle Monae stood on the side cheering on the twerking participants.

Essence posted a recap of the headlining rapper’s performance which behooved a reaction from the “I Am Not My Hair” singer.

“The issue is what is CONTEXT. Humanity does EVERYTHING. But does EVERYTHING BELONG IN A STAGE. No. Is everything for KIDS? No.” She explained that Megan’s booty bouncing performance “shows a lack of discretion and discernment.”

She added, “I’d like to go on the record saying, this won’t age well and that’s my issue.”

She assured readers that her comments weren’t an attack on Monae or Megan. “I LOVE Janelle AND Meg the way I love us all. I don’t like this moment.”

The Grammy-winning singer closed her response with, “Don’t bother debating me lol idc and I DO this. For 25 years I’ve done THIS so read, ponder or don’t. ✌🏾👋🏾”

India Arie Essence


Arie’s comments received split reactions from social media users.

One person commented, “She didn’t drag them at all. She basically said ‘time and place.’ Which she has a right to say.”

Another user questioned what India Arie thought Megan Thee Stallion’s performance would be realistically.