Information About Receiving $1000 Gov’t Check + New Coronavirus Relief Package

With COVID-19 impacting the lives of many Americans, some wonder how the pandemic will affect their pockets.

Reported on The Washington Post, Americans are “very likely” to receive a government check of $1000. Earlier this week, Sen. Mitt Romney called for every American adult to receive the funds immediately. Donald Trump supported the idea and the White House suggested it could be over a stack. 

The article states:

“The administration’s $1 trillion proposed rescue plan, which forms the basis for fast-moving negotiations on Capitol Hill, includes sending two large checks to many Americans and devoting $300 billion toward helping small businesses avoid mass layoffs.”

It also says that Rep. Maxine Waters proposed having the Federal Reserve send $2,000 to every American adult and $1,000 to every American child until the crisis ends.

Trump wants the checks to go out within the next two weeks, but the proposal hasn’t been finalized as of yet. The Hill reports Senate GOP negotiators are considering the income of $75,000 for individuals and $150,000 for couples for the direct payments. Some argue that the funds may not arrive soon enough, or be enough, to help those in need. 

Today (March 18) Donald Trump signed a relief package into law that will provide sick leave, unemployment benefits, free testing, food and medical aid to people affected by the pandemic. We will keep you updated as more details become available.