‘Insecure’ Star, Jean Elie Marries Longtime Partner

jean elie
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – OCTOBER 21: Jean Elie attends HBO’s final season premiere of “Insecure” at Kenneth Hahn Park on October 21, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
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Love is in the air once again! Insecure star Jean Elie married his long-term partner, Randall Bailey, in Portugal over the weekend.

After 8 years of love that started at an LA bonfire, the two wed in the Southern European country with friends and family. In total, they had about 110 guests at their ceremony. Although Bailey shared in 2022, after announcing their engagement, that she could do without all of the glitz and glamor, the wedding was full of it.

“Our wedding far and away exceeded all my expectations,” Bailey explained to Essence. “The food was delicious, the drinks were flowing, music was popping and the guests were surprised at every turn. From the pyrotechnics during the cake cutting to Jean surprising me with a wedding video recap (same day edit) for everyone to see, the day was just filled with so much love. I have no notes. 10/10. But I’m a bit biased [laughs].”

“My heart was filled with joy as I watched our family and friends blend together as if they had known each other for years,” Elie shared. “In addition to the delicious food, drinks, and pyrotechnics, the wedding recap video took the night up a notch and I was thrilled with [videographer] Moisés Soares’s team and the surprised look on Randall’s face along with the guests as they watched it together.”

Elie explained that he is excited tot start this next chapter.

“What I’m looking forward to most is building our lives, family and businesses together,” he said. “Also, we love traveling, so I’m sure we’ll start tackling places on our bucket list next year. Ultimately, we just want to keep dating each other. I think that’s the key to a successful marriage.”