Jackie Chan Confirms ‘Rush Hour 4’ Is On The Way

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If you’ve been missing a high action movie about two crime fighting partners that you would’ve never thought would be together, you’re in luck. 1/2 of the duo confirmed that a fourth Rush Hour is in the works.

The actor made the announcement in a rare appearance at the Red Sea International Film Festival. “We’re talking about Rush Hour 4 right now,” he revealed, adding that he was going to meet with the film’s director this evening to discuss the script.

Rush Hour Fans Have Been Waiting

Fans have been excited about the fourth installment of the franchise since the other half of the duo, Chris Rock, revealed back in 2018 that a fourth installment was in the cards. “It’s happening,” he said. “This is gonna be the rush of all rushes. Jackie is ready and we want to do this so that people don’t ever forget it.”

Around the same time of Rock’s statement, the former director of the franchise, Brett Ratner, said he would be working on the fourth film, although the producers have said otherwise.

“Brett has been walking around town telling people he’s going to direct a Rush Hour movie because it’s his only way back in,” a studio executive told The Hollywood Reporter. “He’s trying to make believe he’s employable.”

Ratner hasn’t directed a film since 2014. Later, in 2017, seven women accused the filmmaker of sexual harassment and misconduct, causing Warner Brothers with the director.

Although the director status of the film is to be determined, Chan still remembers the moment he heard about the success of the first film. “I got a phone call. Brett Ratner and Chris Tucker call me from New York,” he said. “They’re crazy. We were $70 million in the first weekend. For me, I don’t know how to count.”

The original Rush Hour in 1998 grossed $244 million worldwide for New Line Cinema and brought Chan to the forefront as an action star. Aside from his action roles, Chan also promised to make more romance movies in the future.