Jaleel White Reacts To ‘Quiet On Set’ Documentary

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Jaleel White shares his thoughts on the documentary “Quiet On Set” and admits that he was lucky and safe on the set of the hit show “Family Matters.”

In speaking with “Today”, the former child star said that not only was he lucky on the ABC set, but he also gave credit to his mother for shielding him from the industry. “For one thing, she was a helicopter mom. She was all over my a** because the kids that are left alone are the ones that the predators tend to seek out,” he said. 

White’s comments after the parents of the former Nick child stars have been receiving backlash for “allegedly exposing their kids to potentially risky industry environments.” However, Drake Bell, one of the main victims in the documentary, defended the parents and said that they were “exposed and naïve” as well. 

Other Nickelodeon child stars have also come forward with their experiences as well. Notable names such as Kenan Thompson and Melissa Joan Hart revealed that they never experienced those things but they stand with their fellow co-stars.