Jaleel White To Reprise Steve Urkel Role

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If you’ve missed hearing “did I do that?” from your favorite sitcom nerd, you’re in luck. Jaleel White has been confirmed to return to his iconic role for a new project.

The new animated film, Urkel Saves Santa: The Movie will be produced by Warner Brothers. It was one of six from the studio that was originally set to premiere on HBO Max, but had to briefly get shleved due to the streamer’s transition to Max.

“The holiday season is here, and brilliant but accident-prone super genius Steve Urkel has only one mission — to make the holidays the best they can be for everyone,” reads the films descriptor. However, things are off to a not so merry start after he ruins a celebration at his local shopping mall and humiliates the department store Santa. Hoping to make things right, Steve invents a device that helps people spread holiday cheer but it only manages to make things worse. Using his big brain and even bigger heart, it’s up to Steve to help the city rediscover the holiday spirit.”

When it comes to the holiday season, White isn’t the only Family Matters alum spreading cheer. Kellie Shanygne Williams and JoMarie Payton joined together for A Family Matters Christmas. The film is about a newly blended family who get to experience life in each other’s shoes.