Jamie Foxx Denies Dating 21-Year-Old Sela Vave Following Split with Katie Holmes

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Instagram

Earlier this week, we reported that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes parted ways after being together for six years. This was after the singer/actor was spotted leaving the club with 21-year-old Sela Vave.

The pictures led fans to believe that this is the reason why he and Holmes are no longer in a relationship.

Jamie Foxx and Sela Vave
(Photo Credit: Hollywood To You/Star Max/Getty)

During an interview, Foxx set the record straight.

“People are saying I’m dating the girl, let me just say this, that’s absolutely not true. That girl hangs out with my kids. My young daughter loves her, my oldest daughter loves her… I talk to her mom, her parents… I know the nature of the business that we’re in, so I don’t trip on headlines, you know what I’m saying, I don’t trip on that.”

According to Foxx, he and Vave are solely business partners.

“…but when it comes to that part and the girl and her and what I’m trying to do for her as an artist. I feel that I have to be an elder, her ‘Uncle’ as she calls me and step-in and say, ‘Hey guys, don’t let it be the double standard. When all these other guys are on the couch, they were hustling and they had dreams. When she’s working in this capacity, all of a sudden she’s some sort of… I’ll say the nice word… using someone to get to the top. And I don’t get down like that. I got a 25-year-old daughter and I don’t date in my daughter’s range… ever! I always try to make sure that my daughter can look and me say, ‘Hey dad, you ain’t screwing up.’ I wanted to be able to address that.”

And there you have it!