Jamie Foxx’s Family Concerned After Actor Drops Out Of Game Show

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Jamie Foxx has his loved ones concerned about his health after he recently dropped out of an upcoming game show. 

They believe that he hasn’t fully recovered since his hospitalization earlier this year. Foxx was set to join his daughter, Corrine Foxx, for a new musical game series but ultimately dropped out, leaving Anthony Anderson and his mother to replace them. 

According to reports, Corrine is upset that she can no longer host the show with her father but understands that his health comes first. Jamie Foxx was hospitalized for an extended period of time due to an undisclosed health emergency. 

Since being released, there has been no details on what the health emergency was. However, he did spend time recovering in a rehab facility that specializes in brain injuries and strokes. 

A source close to the actor spoke about the family’s growing concern about the actor’s health. “Jamie pulling out of another project has friends worried that he hasn’t recuperated as well as everyone thinks… He’s struggling, but Jamie has been very private about what happened and his recovery.”

The source also added that Foxx has been eager to return to work as well as hesitant. “He may not be at 100 percent, but the last thing he wants is to mess with the progress he has made… he feels better than he has in months… but Jamie doesn’t want to risk anything if he doesn’t have to… He’s got a birthday coming up on December 13th and says he wants to celebrate many more.”

Jamie Foxx recently posted a video of himself throwing a football into a basketball hoop from across the court, seemingly looking like his physical health is much better. What are your thoughts on this?