Janelle Monae Believes that Getting Laid Off Helped her Music Career

(Photo by Steve Granitz/Getty Images)

Janelle Monae is one of the most powerful and famous females in the music and entertainment industry and she gives the credit to her being laid off from her previous job calling it a ‘blessing in disguise. In a recent interview with CNBC, Monae stated, “When I got fired from Office Depot, the thing that I did — which seemed like the best thing to do — was go straight to the studio and write a f—ing song about it”.

Monae also discusses the struggles she has faced while trying to promote her music due to the fact of her not having a computer or a lot of money. Once she was let go from her job, she wrote her first single called ‘Lettin Go’, which ended up on Outkast’s Big Boi compilation album, “Got Purp?” Vol 2.

Since then, Monae has released three studio albums, being nominated for Grammys six times and has starred in Oscar-nominated movies Hidden Figures and Moonlight. Maybe being let go was a blessing for Monae and her fans.