Janelle Monae Starts Year With Fresh Haircut

Janelle Monae is embracing the mantra New Year, New Me.

The singer and actress took to Instagram to debut her latest look, a short pixie cut highlighting the star’s beautifully round face.

Staying true to her quirky persona, she captioned the post, “Cutting up all 2024. ✂️” In the carousel, Monae shared an image of herself as a baby with short hair, followed by a video of her now banished hair scattered across the floor.

The electric lady has always been known for her eclectic outfit style and hair.


In an interview with Essence, she shared, “Embrace your hair. Natural hair has always been in, but its celebrated even more now. So let your natural hair shine. There’s so much beauty in our natural state.”

Monae also added in the 2020 interview that while she loved her texture, each day her hair would be in an unpredictable state. “I’ve always loved my texture, but sometimes I wake up and it can look as if I haven’t combed it in days. It’s hard combing through it—I might even break a comb!,” she said.

Monae is currently up for multiple awards – including Album of the Year for ‘The Age of Pleasure’ – at the forthcoming GRAMMY Awards.