Janet and Randy Jackson’s Ex-Tour Manager Suing for $300,000

Photo Credit: Fredric J. Brown/Getty Images

Janet Jackson and her older brother Randy are in court after JJ’s former tour manager filed documents claiming they owe him several hundred thousand dollars for his management services. 

TMZ reports the Jacksons hired Danny O’Donovan to work Janet’s State of the World Tour in July of 2016. O’Donovan says Janet and Randy agreed to pay him $25,000 per month. He worked for 17 months, but claims the famous family never forked over any funds after the first five months.

Janet Jackson performing

Photo Credit: Karim Sahib/Getty Images

O’Donovan says things were going fine until payments were abruptly stopped. The ex-tour manager continued working until the tour ended, and now that things have wrapped he wants Janet and Randy to pay up.

The Jacksons have yet to comment.