Janet Jackson Tells Shaila About Life During Pregnancy, Which Brother Dances Best & the Inside Scoop on Her New Single [VIDEO]

Janet Jackson has been making her rounds across New York City after releasing her new single, “Made for Now,” and couldn’t leave without stopping by the station the promotes her music the best.

JJ stopped by the WBLS studios yesterday to give Shaila the scoop on all things Janet.

Loving her new single and video, New York’s Sweetheart told Ms. Jackson “Made for Now” gave people nine lives and made Shaila want to kiss her stylist because her fit was on point. Shaila also asked her about the concept of the video, and pointed out that it reminds her of JJ’s famed “Alright” video.

Janet said the single is about living in the moment and being in the now because so many people rarely do.

“We’re so focused on yesterday or tomorrow,” Janet told Shaila. “[The song is about] love being brought through music [and] through dance. Enjoy the moment that you’re in. There’s no ceiling.”

Aside from the music, Shaila and JJ talked about the most talented male dancer in the family outside of Michael (you’ll never guess who she says), plans for another tour, Jermaine Dupri’s reaction when asked if he would be helping to produce her new album, and the place she fled to during her pregnancy.

Watch everything the two had to say below!


OFF THE RECORD with Janet Jackson!!

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