Janet Jackson To Have #MeToo Checks For Crew Members And Dancers Before Tour

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Before she kicks off her 2023 tour, Janet Jackson will be making her sure that her crew and dancers are doing well. 

It has been announced that the multi-award-winning singer will be conducting #MeToo checks to help get rid of the problematic people who can cause issues for the tour. 

The idea for these checks came after Beyoncé announced that she will be doing the same for her crew just ahead of her Renaissance tour this summer. 

“Janet is a taking a leaf out of Beyoncé’s book and is implementing #MeToo checks as she prepares for her Together Again tour,” a close source said. “It’s not cheap to do but for Janet and those close to her, creating a safe and kind work environment is more important than profits. 

The close source would go on to say, “Janet is determined everyone working on the tour can be completely comfortable and that they are in a safe environment.” 

We reported that Janet Jackson will be going on her Together Again with special guest Ludacris. It will kick off this spring in Hollywood, Florida in April. 

Fans can get their tickets on the singer’s website, JanetJackson.com.