Janet Jackson To Release New Documentary + Leaves The Family Worried

Janet Jackson is getting ready to release a new documentary about her life next year. 

According to reports, this documentary is supposed to tell everything about the Jackson family which is leaving them worried. The family is allegedly “freaking out, as well as they should be since she will tell it all, including the good, the bad, and the ugly of the family.”

The Jackson family is also concerned about what the documentary will portray about the singer’s late father, Joe Jackson. Janet has accused her father of bullying her and her siblings. 

A source close to the singer said, “He bullied Janet and made her feel like she was nothing without him, but her siblings say they had it much worse.” 

In this documentary, fans will also get to see never-before-seen footage of her late brother, Michael Jackson, and would also give insight into their bond. 

This film, for now, is titled “Janet” and it will be released during the 40th anniversary of her debut album. It is four hours long and will air over two nights. The date has yet to be determined but it is scheduled to air in 2022.