Jasmine Guy Set To Produce A Biopic About Afeni Shakur

Jasmine Guy is getting ready to bring the life and legacy of Afeni Shakur to the big screen. 

Guy, who was a close family friend to the family, along with director and producer Jamal Joseph, will executive produce the biopic. 

The film is set to focus on Shakur’s life, her time with the Black Panther Party, leading up to her arrest as part of the “Panther 21”, to the day her son, Tupac Shakur was born, and more.

In a statement made to Variety, Dina LaPolt (another executive producer) spoke about Afeni during this time. 

“Two of the Panthers absconded, the judge freaked out and Afeni got put back in jail. She was five months pregnant [with Tupac] and made a motion to get a glass of milk for her unborn child! She had a lot of self-confidence, and that’s our movie- it begins with the day she was arrested.” 

Jasmine Guy, who wrote the 2005 biography Afeni Shakur: Evolution of a Revolutionary, also spoke on this upcoming project. “I was honored when Afeni asked me to author her biography. Now, I have the opportunity to honor her life and her legacy on the screen, and I am very excited to share her remarkable story this way.” 

At the moment this is no release date for the film. We will keep you posted with updates.