Jay-Z Applauds Jordan Peele for ‘Us’ No. 1 Debut [PHOTO]

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Jordan Peele is breaking horror film records, and his efforts are not going unnoticed. So much so that Jay-Z congratulated the comedian and film director for his work on Us and its record-breaking stats.

Two years after his Get Out release, his latest big screen thriller debuted at No. 1 in the box office with $70.3 million in sales (as of Sunday Mar. 24). With Us profiting much higher than predicted, Peele’s film has become the largest original horror film debut of all time, according to TIME. It’s also reported that the psychological horror flick had “one of the highest openings for a live-action original film since Avatar was released 10 years ago.”

Initially worried about the overall success of Us, Peele sought advice from Jay-Z, who told him, “It doesn’t matter. You already have that.” And now that he’s surpassed the standards for show-and-prove, Jay-Z is congratulating the record-breaker.

Jay posted a photo on Twitter via his Roc Nation entertainment company Sunday (Mar. 24), saying “”For US by US. Congrats on the #1 movie in the world.” – Hov.”

Keep ‘em coming, Jordan!