Jay-Z’s Alleged Son Takes Paternity Case To The Supreme Court

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30-year-old, Rymir Satterthwaite claims that he is the illegitimate son of rapper Jay-Z. For 10 years, the two have been in a legal battle over claims that the rapper is his biological father.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Satterthwaite accused the Roc Nation founder of dodging a paternity test. The test would finally settle whether or not Jay-Z is his father. Satterthwaite has filed numerous civil lawsuits and other legal complaints over the past decade. His most recent attempt is a motion filed with the New Jersey Supreme Court. He intends to force Jay-Z to take the test.

This is not going to be over until justice is served,” Satterthwaite said. “I just want to live my life and, when it is all said and done, I hope that JAY-Z would want to be a part of my life, if that is God’s will.”

In a letter to Daily Mail Jay-Z’s attorneys denied the claims. “The allegations have been previously reviewed thoroughly by the courts and have been refuted. I am sure that will be the outcome of whatever filings Mr. Satterthwaite is may be currently considering.

This battle began in 1992, when Satterhwaite’s mother, Wanda, made claims that she was having an affair with the rapper while she was on and off with her current boyfriend at the time, Robert. She then became pregnant. In 2010, she confessed that she knew Robert was not the father of Satterthwaite and the only two men she had sex with at the time of her son’s conception was him and Jay-Z. A Pennsylvania court ordered a genetics test which Robert did not hesitate to take. The results proved that he was not the father.

Rymir has been in an on-going battle ever since, to prove the rapper is his father.