Jay-Z’s Birthday Could Become A New York City Holiday

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Jay-Z may have a bigger reason to celebrate his birthday in New York City.

According to reports, legislation has turned the Brooklyn-born rapper’s birthday, December 4th, into a holiday named, “Jay-Z Day” which was introduced by New York City Councilmembers earlier this month.

Councilwoman Farah Louis said during the resolution meeting, “The global phenomenon that is Jay-Z- born Shawn Carter- is widely known as an artist, mogul, husband, and father, wealth builder, and supporter of economic development and community causes.”

She continued, “Dec. 4 as Jay-Z Day announces to the world how this Brooklyn son can be all things, including loved by his community. In the spirit of celebrating Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary establishing an annual celebration to recognize a homegrown hero while proclaiming our municipal support is fitting.”

This resolution was sent to the Committee on Cultural Affairs, Libraries, and International Intergroup Relations. Once it’s filed with the City Council, the members will discuss the holiday during their 2024 session on Jan. 3.

Jay-Z was recently seen with his wife, Beyoncé, and their children taking a tour around New York City, along with other family members and friends.

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