Jéan Elie & Mike Gauyo Sheds Light On Their New Show ‘Send Help’

Creators Jéan Elie and Mike Gauyo have started something special with their new show, Send Help. 

The show is based on a first-generation Haitian-American man who is trying to make it big in Hollywood. Fritz’s story is relatable to many, as he faces the many struggles that come along with going off of the beaten path that was already laid out for you by your parents.

The first episode premiered last week Thursday, August 11th on Allblk and throughout this season, viewers will be able to get an inside look at what Fritz goes through and how his culture ties everything together. 

Fritz is an actor in Los Angeles, who was the star of a new show called This Can’t Be Us, but things quickly come crashing down after the show is abruptly canceled due to his co-star. He begins to figure out ways to keep his life at a steady pace while trying to be a strong role model for his niece and a solid rock for his mother and friends. 

While attending the screening, Elie and Gauyo both spoke about how the show came about. “This show was a process in the making, a whole five-year process,” Elie said. “The idea came to me while I was filming the second season of Insecure!” 

He along with Gauyo who were both writers on the show Insecure, said, “We want people to be entertained. Have fun, watch, laugh, but also, get some insight into what it means to be a Haitian American or what the culture looks like.” 

The show is full of laughs, tragedies, dark humor, and so much more. It comes on Allblk every Thursday.