Jeannie Mai Alleges Jeezy Of Abuse And Child Neglect

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In recent court filings, troubling accusations have surfaced in Jeannie Mai and Jeezy’s ongoing divorce proceedings. Mai alleges her estranged husband, Jeezy, of both domestic violence and child neglect.

Court documents obtained by The Shade Room and Complex detail several incidents of alleged physical abuse against Mai. One such incident reportedly occurred in San Francisco in April 2022.

According to reports, Jeezy purportedly choked Mai from behind and pushed her down a flight of stairs during the San Francisco altercation. Another incident, shortly after the birth of their daughter Monaco, allegedly involved Jeezy striking Mai across the face with a closed fist.

In response to these allegations, Jeezy took to Instagram to vehemently deny the accusations, labeling them as false and a ploy to tarnish his reputation.

“The allegations are not only false, but also deeply disturbing, especially coming from someone I loved. This malicious attempt to tarnish my character and disrupt my family is ridiculous. It’s disheartening to witness the manipulation and deceit at play and at this time my main concern is being an active father to our daughter as I continue to fight for court mandated joint custody. Rest assured, the truth will prevail through the proper legal channels,” he said.

Jeannie Mai’s Child Neglect Concerns

Beyond accusations of abuse, Mai also raised concerns about child neglect, particularly regarding Monaco’s safety. She expressed worry about Monaco’s access to firearms, citing an incident where she found the toddler near Jeezy’s Louis Vuitton bag containing an AK-47.

Mai’s apprehensions led her to remove Monaco from their Atlanta residence in October 2023. The firearm in question was allegedly later discovered on the couple’s bedroom floor, heightening concerns about Monaco’s potential access to dangerous weapons.

The couple’s divorce proceedings have taken a contentious turn, with Jeezy recently filing for primary custody of Monaco. He cited uncertainty about Monaco’s living arrangements and caretakers while Mai is working.

A court hearing has been scheduled for May 2 to address the custody dispute and the allegations of abuse and neglect. As the legal battle unfolds, both parties remain steadfast in their positions, with the truth hanging in the balance.