Jeannie Mai and Jeezy’s Divorce Has Been Finalized

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Jeannie Mai and Jeezy are officially divorced. 

The once happy couple finalized their divorce on Tuesday, June 11 in the Fulton County Superior Court in Georgia. There were no details on the settlement, the child agreement, or the parenting plans for their daughter, Monaco.

Reports say that both Jeezy and Mai were ordered to not “disseminate, distribute, post, nor cause the dissemination, distribution of posting of the Settlement Agreement or Child Support Worksheet to any person or in any manner, including but not limited to any form of media, social media, or the internet.”

Last September, we reported that Jeezy filed for divorce from Jeannie Mai citing “no hope for reconciliation.” The rapper has also said that his decision to file for divorce was not “impulsive.” Jeezy is also seeking joint custody of baby Monaco.

While going through the divorce process, Mai has claimed that she was emotionally and physically abused by her now ex-husband. However, Jeezy has denied all abuse allegations saying that they are “not only false but also deeply disturbing, especially coming from someone I loved.”

The Atlanta native said that the claims were malicious and an attempt to tarnish his character. Jeezy’s legal team said the accusations were a plot after the rapper didn’t agree to have a second baby. 

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