Jeezy Claims Jeannie Mai Wanted A Second Child After Divorce Filing

Young Jeezy
ATLANTA, GEORGIA – JUNE 10: In this image released on June 10, 2023, Jeannie Mai-Jenkins and Jeezy attend the wedding of Pinky Cole and Derrick Hayes at St. Regis Atlanta on June 10, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

In a surprising turn of events, rapper Jeezy has accused his estranged wife, Jeannie Mai, of seeking to expand their family despite their impending divorce. Jeezy, whose legal name is Jay Wayne Jenkins, alleges that Mai expressed a desire for a second child after he had already initiated divorce proceedings.

The controversy arose when Jeezy disclosed that Mai had contacted their doctor regarding In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) shortly after learning about the divorce filing in June 2023. This move perplexed Jeezy, who questioned why Mai would pursue having another child with him if she truly believed the accusations she later made against him.

Mai’s Supposed Quest for Another Child

According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Jeezy’s legal team stated, “If [he] were so violent as the Respondent claims, why would she want to have a second child with him? If the Petitioner were so irresponsible and created such an unsafe home environment for the parties’ minor child, why would the Respondent desperately want to have a second baby with the Petitioner? The answer is because the Petitioner is not violent, and the Petitioner is not irresponsible.”

Despite their efforts, the couple was unsuccessful in conceiving a second child through IVF. This failure reportedly contributed to the deterioration of their relationship, culminating in Jeezy filing for divorce in September 2023.

The ongoing legal battle has intensified, with Jeezy now seeking joint custody of their 2-year-old daughter, Monaco, after initially requesting primary custody. In response, Mai has accused Jeezy of domestic violence, including instances where she alleges he physically assaulted her and endangered their child.

Jeezy has vehemently denied these allegations, stating, “The allegations are not only false but also deeply disturbing, especially coming from someone I loved. This malicious attempt to tarnish my character and disrupt my family is ridiculous.”

The couple’s relationship, which began in 2018 and led to a marriage in March 2021, has been marred by a series of public accusations and legal battles. Despite their tumultuous separation, both Jeezy and Mai remain focused on their daughter’s well-being as they navigate the complexities of their divorce.