Jennifer Hudson May Have Confirmed Her Relationship With Common

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After months of speculation, Jennifer Hudson may have confirmed that she is in a relationship with rapper/actor Common. 

During an outing in Beverly Hills, the singer addressed a question asked by the paparazzi about her relationship with the fellow Chicago native. When the paparazzi told her that she and Common make a cute couple, she said thank you. 

She also went on to speak about the two of them possibly doing music together. “It’ll be dope to see two Chicagoans together musically but I don’t know about that. We’ll see.” After that, she was asked if he was romantically involved with Common. 

“Rumors say a lot of things. But he’s a beautiful man I will give you that. That’s for certain.” It has been previously reported that Jennifer Hudson and Common were seen together for the first time last year while out in Philadelphia.

They were also seen together in London at the Tony-award-winning musical “A Strange Loop.” A source close to them shared, “There has been speculation for months regarding whether or not they are together, but the fact they’ve traveled all the way to London together just shows they’re very much an item.” 

The source added, “They arrived to the show individually to avoid any commotion but away from prying eyes, they were very much in each other’s company.”

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