Jennifer Williams Says She Embarrassed For Influencer Brittany Renner

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“Basketball Wives” Jennifer Williams shares how she really feels about co-star and social media influencer Brittany Renner. 

In a recent interview, Williams said that Renner was not for her. “I didn’t film too much with Brittany. I filmed with her in group settings,” the 49-year-old said. “I had no one-on-one with her, and I didn’t… like I said, I didn’t film a lot with her.” 

After revealing that she has heard some things about Renner, Williams went on to say, “At first I was just like, ‘Mmmm, no, she’s not my cup of tea,’ and then when I kind of got to know her story a little bit I was like, ‘OK, maybe she’s just misguided.”

Williams said that after she heard some of Renner’s interviews, she was actually embarrassed for her. “Now, I hear the interviews and I’m just like I don’t know what to think, but I’m actually a little embarrassed.” She added that certain parts of Renner’s life should not be shared with the world. 

“Why do you go on this podcast and talk about you slept with three men in one day and got a yeast infection?,” the newly engaged Williams said. “That’s just, you should kind of takes some things to the grave.” 

Although Jennifer wasn’t excited about Brittany Renner coming to the show, her co-star Evelyn Lozada expressed that she is happy that the social media influencer is on there and she wants to take her under her wing.