Jermaine Dupri Tells Robbery Story Involving The Late DMX And His Dog

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Jermaine Dupri opens up about the time where DMX and his dog robbed a reporter when he was set to record a verse for Dupri’s 1998 “Life in 1472” album. 

In a video post on his Instagram, Durpi said, “One night when I was working on my album, Life in 1472, I was heading to the studio for the DMX session. I was going to the studio in New York to hear DMX do his verse [for “Get Your S**t Right”].” He continued, “So it goes like this: the session was whatever time it was. The writer gets to the studio before DMX, then DMX shows up. At this time, DMX is walking around with his dogs, and he got both dogs. But by the time I got to the studio, the reporter had gotten robbed.” 

The award-winning producer added, “DMX basically robbed the reporter with his dog. No guns, just his dog. DMX came in and started questioning the reporter and told him to run his s**t, take off whatever he had on.”  Watch the entire clip below. 

Jermaine Dupri alluded to the fact he has a lot of “crazy stories” from being in the music industry but he feels good talking about this one. “A lot of s*** I can’t tell, but this one I feel like I have to tell. R.I.P my man, DMX.

What are your thoughts on this incident?