Jermaine Dupri To Be Honored By The Otis Redding Foundation

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Jermaine Dupri is set to be honored by the Otis Redding Foundation this fall.

According to reports, the honor will happen this September at the King of Soul Music Festival where he will receive the Otis & Zelma Redding Award of Respect. “We are thrilled to honor Jermaine Dupri at this year’s King of Soul Music Festival,” Vice President and executive director of the Otis Redding Foundation Karla Redding -Andrews said in a statement.

She continued, “Jermaine and his father Michael Mauldin have been connected to the Redding family since he was a young man visiting the Big ‘O’ Ranch with his dad. And we are so proud of his remarkable contributions to the music industry as a songwriter, producer, DJ, and entrepreneur.”

Redding- Andrews added, “He was very close to my brother Otis III, who passed away in April, and credits him with teaching him to make beats. Jermaine aligns with Otis Redding’s spirit and the foundation’s mission to inspire and empower young artists.”

Dupri also spoke about the honor, “The Reddings and Otis III became my musical family
before the world knew of Jermaine Dupri.” Dupri continued, “While I understand the family is
honoring me, in my mind I am also honoring them for all they have allowed me to do, see and be
a part of at a time when they didn’t have to.”

The King of Soul Music Festival is a two-day event that will take place on September 8th and 9th. Congratulations to Jermaine Dupri.