Jill Scott Responds To Sex Tape Rumors! ‘Ya’ll Too Much’

Jill Scott had the Internet in a FRENZY!

The iconic R&B singer went viral earlier this week after rumors swirled that her sex tape leaked online. The crazy thing is, there wasn’t any evidence, like a video, so it’s ultimately not even clear how the rumor erupted.

That didn’t stop fans from being interested in seeing it. One Twitter user said, “Jill Scott sex tape? Somebody link me, please.” Another commenter said, “who can lead me to this Jill Scott sex tape?”



Jill had a cute and calm response. She addressed the rumor via Twitter and said,“Say word!?! I expect this energy when my new movies, albums, and tv show drop. Ya’ll too much. #headedbacktowork #hydrate.”

Hip Hop DX pointed out in 2018; Jill went viral when an “erotic” video of her performing in Atlanta went viral. During her performance, she showed off her oral sex game. Take a look for old time’s sake.