John Amos Denies Allegations of Care Neglect Made By His Daughter

Nine months after first claiming that her father, John Amos, had been victimized by a “trusted caregiver,” Shannon Amos filed new complaints of neglect, leading the Los Angeles Police Department to launch an investigation into the actor’s wellbeing.

Shannon alleges that her brother Kelly C., “K.C.”, hasn’t provided the proper care for their 84-year-old father amid his ongoing health issues.

In a statement exclusive to PEOPLE, the Good Times alum responded to reports of the new investigation.

“I want to first say that I am feeling well and working diligently on various projects that I am involved in at this time, including the docuseries that my son and I are producing, along with a music release,” John said to the outlet. “I’d like to add that everywhere we go together, people refer to my son K.C. as my twin. I’m proud of him for who he is as a person: a caring, thoughtful human being who respects me and I him.”

“Now, I will say this for now: This story about neglect is false and unmerited,” added John. “The real truth will come out soon and you will hear it from me. Believe it.”

John’s daughter Shannon previously alleged that her father was the “victim of elder abuse” in June 2023. She then filed a complaint with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and created a GoFundMe campaign asking for “care expenses” for John, which was then removed after he denied the claims.

He said at the time, “I wish to make a statement for the record that I am doing well. I appreciate everyone’s concerns but again, please understand that this GoFundMe campaign is not one that is accurate or authorized by me. Thank you, John Amos.” He later accused her of taking “advantage” of him with the fundraiser. He even went so far as to “attribute [his] elderly abuse to” Shannon.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, Shannon responded, “All due respect to my father’s response, I understand that this is embarrassing and upsetting, and probably not what he would have wanted me to do, but it is in his best interest.”

Still, K.C. was removed as his dad’s power of attorney not long after, and a public battle between siblings ensued—which eventually led to K.C.’s arrest after he allegedly threatened to kill his sister—which TMZ’s source says police are more than familiar with.

According to a complaint obtained by PEOPLE, Shannon believed “the immediacy of the threat and the likelihood that it would be carried out” after K.C. allegedly sent her text messages with photos of firearms and gang affiliations. The alleged threat made Shannon “fear for her life.”