John Legend Talks Gun Violence in America: ‘Stop Talking About It, Let’s Do Something’ [VIDEO]

When John Legend isn’t home with wife Chrissy Teigen and their two kids, Luna and Miles, he’s busy jet-setting across the country making music, promoting music, and urging people to take action in a Trump-kinda-world.

The Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter recently stopped by WBLS to chat with our Radio Love, Déjà vu and promote his new single, “Preach.” Amazed by the song’s music video and its impactful message, Deja asked Legend to give explain the significance of the video because, as she puts it, “The video is a movement.”

The EGOT – something Deja will get to in the interview – said, “The song is about taking action.”

“The song is about taking action. We were thinking about, every time there’s one of those gun massacres – and you see so many of those happen in America – every time, you hear a politician say ‘I wanna send my thoughts and prayers to this person or that person’ … but they never actually do anything about it. They never change the law so we have a safer society and less gun violence. The song is basically saying, ‘Stop talking about it; let’s do something.’”

Check out John Legend’s full interview with Déjà Vu below, and listen to what he has to say about the need to take action in America.