Jonathan Majors Shares He Was Shocked And Afraid After Hearing Guilty Verdict

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Jonathan Majors breaks his silence after being found guilty of assault and harassment of his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari.

In his first interview since the incident, Majors shared his reaction upon hearing the guilty verdict with ABC’s Good Morning America anchor Linsey Davis. “A lot has happened,” the actor said. “In my personal life, in my career in the culture. It’s about responsibility and coming forward and being brave and giving my part of the story.”

During the interview, he went on to say that he was not responsible for Jabbari’s injuries during the physical altercation. “That did not happen,” he said. “I wish to God I knew. That would give me clarity, that would give me some type of peace about it.”

He later asked about his current relationship with actress Meagan Good, to which he responded, “She’s an angel. She’s held me down like a Coretta [Scott King]. I’m so blessed to have her,” he said. “The relationship is still fresh, but I think I’ve found her.”

Although he said that Good was his Coretta, Majors was questioned about the audio that was played in court where he could be heard saying that he wanted Jabbari to be more like Michelle Obama and Coretta Scott King.

“It was me trying to give an analogy of what it is I’m aspiring to be. These great men, Martin, President Obama,” Majors said. “I need her, in that case, Grace, to make the same sacrifices I am making.”

Majors was called out by Jabbari’s attorney and accused of not taking accountability for his actions and stated that he showed a “clear lack of remorse for the actions for which he was found guilty.”

Jonathan Majors would end the interview by saying that he hopes that he can continue his career in Hollywood. After the guilty verdict was revealed, the 34-year-old actor was dropped by Marvel Studios.

Majors is set to be sentenced in February and could face 6 months to a year in prison or probation.