Juanita Bynum Accused Of Being A Hypocrite For Condemning Secular Music

Juanita Bynum has been called out by Twitter after her comments about “saved Christians” listening to secular music. 

In two viral videos, the gospel singer was seen telling churchgoers that they not be saved if they listen to secular music. Twitter was quick to pull receipts on the 63-year-old singer of her dancing to Mary J. Blige’s “Just Fine.” 

Since the videos have gone viral, many are calling her a hypocrite and are now discussing the ongoing issues within Black Churches. In one of the clips, Bynum said, “I wanna know what bishop told you that you can still be saved and listen to secular music. Who told you that?” 

As the clip continues, fans can hear Usher’s new song “Good Love” featuring the City Girls playing in the background as she asks again, “Who told you that it was OK if we just jam and then sing in the choir?” 


These videos have caused mixed reactions on social media. One Twitter user said that this way was taught in the church.

“This doctrine is what I was raised up under, unfortunately. They teach you this. These Christians who listen to secular music aren’t really saved. They think they’re going to heaven, but they aren’t.”

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What are your thoughts on what Juanita Bynum said?