Judge Lynn Toler Reveals That Her Husband Has Passed Away

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Judge Lynn Toler has revealed that her husband has passed away. 

According to her post, her husband, Eric Mumford, passed on December 23, 2022, and she wrote “I am in a million pieces.” 

Eric Mumford’s cause of death has not been revealed yet. On their anniversary back in April, Judge Toler posted a sweet post on her Instagram dedicated to her husband. 

“April 6! Me and BigE #married 33 years today. (Together 35). There was no happily ever after. There was The Journey. First, you’re simply besotted. Then the two practical people that you are you get unceremoniously hitched at lunchtime,” she wrote. 

Toler continued, “Then you try to survive the kids so you can get to the part where you can enjoy the grands. On the way there you get a chance to be drunk in Paris (BigE took this). After that, you settle in for the fourth quarter.” 

We will keep Judge Toler and her family in our thoughts and prayers.