Justice For Deon Kay: Black Teen Killed In Police Chase – Body Cam Footage Released

Justice for Deon Kay.

According to sources, yesterday (September 2), a black 18-year-old, Deon Kay of Southeast D.C., was killed at the hands of a police officer. 

Seventh District patrol officers were called to a scene shortly before 4 p.m to investigate a report of an armed man in the area. When they arrived, they spotted multiple people in and around a vehicle. Police claim when the people by the car saw the officers, they took off running. 

According to law enforcement, Deon was running away and pulled out a gun. Then, an officer shot him, two blocks away from his home. Deon was pronounced dead at the hospital shortly after. Two other men in the area were arrested and charged. Marcyelle Smith, 19, was charged with carrying a pistol without a license and Deonte Brown, 18, was charged with “no permit.”‘

Protesters gathered around the Seventh District Police Station all the way outside Mayor Muriel E. Bowser’s home Thursday morning (Sept. 3), demanding the police to release of body camera footage. NBC reports, according to D.C.’s new police reform law, police have to make body cam video available to the victim’s family and the public within five days of the incident. But, the family can choose to keep the footage private. The officers involved in the shooting are on administrative leave.

Deon’s family is questioning the situation and they want mayor Browser to fire the police chief Peter Newsham. Newsham said his officers were responding to information about a vehicle that had weapons. Deon’s mom, Natasha Kay, said police gave her very little details about the shooting. The Washington Post reports Natasha said, “I need my son back.”

Take a look at video footage of demonstrators gathered around early this morning.

Take a look at the police body camera footage, explicit content, this is hard to watch: