Justice Stephen Breyer Retires From The Supreme Court + What This Means For Next Potential Judge

Justice Stephen Breyer has decided to retire after serving in the Supreme Court for more than two decades. 

He was known for standing behind Obamacare and affirmative action within the higher education system. However, with Stephen Breyer’s retirement, President Biden has a chance to make a history-making decision to fill the empty seat. 

During this 2020 presidential campaign, Biden made the promise to nominate a Black woman in the Supreme Court if a seat became available. He has nominated eight Black women on the appellate side. No Black woman has ever held a seat in the higher court. 

According to reports, there are two contenders in the lead to be selected, federal Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson and Justice Leondra Kruger. Both women are highly qualified for the position and if one of them is picked it will mean a step closer with voter rights and more. 

We will keep you posted on this matter when a new judge is selected.