K.Michelle Calls Nicki Minaj Mean After Taking Song From Her

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K.Michelle has been receiving a lot of backlash from Nicki Minaj fans (Barbz) after she called the rapper a “mean a**). 

While making an appearance on the “R&B Money Podcast” with Tank and J Valentine, the “VSOP” singer talked about her sophomore album “Anyone Wanna Buy a Heart?” and how the title is similar to Minaj’s song “Buy A Heart”, featuring Meek Mill. She was then asked by Tank what does the title mean. 

“Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart” was on a Meek Mill album and Nicki Minaj mean a** took it from me,” K. Michelle said. She added that she was put in contact with the Philly rapper who was looking for a love song for his album “Dreams & Nightmares.” 

“So, he played that record,” she said. “It wasn’t on his album. I said, ‘Oh, are you sleeping on this?’ So, I got the record.” As she was getting ready to release the song, she received word from Meek’s camp that he was dating Minaj and the circumstances around the song had changed. 

Fans quickly went on social media to share their thoughts on this issue. See what they had to say. 


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