Kandi Burruss Recalls The Time She Became Emotional After Her Motherhood Was Questioned

Kandi Burruss opens up about the time when a woman questioned her motherhood after revealing that her youngest child was going to be born via a surrogate. 

In a recent interview, The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star spoke about how some people were not as receptive to the news breaking about her surrogate. 

“It really hurt my feelings. I don’t like really talking about it because it makes me emotional. I don’t think she was trying to hurt my feelings. But when she saw it or heard that I was doing it, she was just like ‘Aren’t you afraid that you’re not gonna with your baby?”

Burruss did not mention who the person was but she did say that the woman was older than her and from a different time. 

“She’s older, so I guess her initial thinking is like just because somebody doesn’t physically have their baby that they won’t be able to have that same bond as a mother who physically pushed the baby out.” 

Despite what people have said about her decision, Kandi Burruss has shown us that she is a super mom and we love to see it.