Kanye West Called Out By Homeless Shelter For Not Keeping His Promise

A Los Angeles shelter has called out Kanye West for failing to keep his promises.

President and CEO of the Los Angeles Mission, Troy Vaughn revealed that the organization was anticipating the rapper’s contributions to launch The Skid Row Revitalization Project.

“We have absolutely had collaborative discussions with Ye about improving the lives of the unhoused on Skid Row, especially through design as he mentioned in his tweet,” Vaughn said. “

He continued, “We are extremely optimistic that Ye will be an instrumental force in helping us launch The Skid Row Revitalization Project in the coming months.” 

On Friday, (August 12), Ye reportedly posted on his Instagram account a message that read, “Look to the children, look to the homeless as the biggest inspiration for all design.”


The organization wants West to follow through on the promises he made to them, saying that he would help the homeless population by helping them find employment, housing, and education. 

In November 2021, he met with the leaders of the Los Angeles Mission, where he originally shared his plans to help out. 

“I just want to say a prayer today. And just thank Jesus for what he’s done in my life and how he’s transformed my life and transformed me as a person and put me in a position to have me next to Pastor Vaughn,” West said. 

He added, “Down here, we had this idea and vision and God put this mission on my heart. I wasn’t even expecting to be right here today. But we just laying into what God has for us and geniuses getting in front of God’s people and getting out of God’s way. I just feel so blessed to be used, we feel so blessed to be used, to be able to deliver food down here, and with us together, we’re going to figure out how to make the change that lasts forever in Jesus’ name.”