Kanye’s ‘Donda Academy’ Will Shut Down For Remainder of School Year

The doors of Kanye’s ‘Donda Academy’ have closed following his anti-semitic remarks.

According to an email from the principal of the academy, Jason Angell, an urgent email was sent out to all of the students’ guardians. The executive decision was made by Kanye. TMZ, obtained a picture of the email which states:

“First, we would like to express our gratitude for the community of families and scholars that Donda Academy brought together. However, at the discretion of our Founder, Donda Academy will close for the remainder of the 2022-2023 school year effective immediately.”

“Our leadership team will be working diligently to assist all families during this transition, ensuring that every scholar has what they need to succeed in their next community in a prompt and gracious manner.”


The $15,000 a year school unaccredited Christian school has approximately 100 students and requires parents to sign non-disclosure agreements before registering. According to the website, the curriculum includes worship, core classes (language arts, math, and science), lunch and recess, and enrichment courses.

The academy’s closure is the latest fallout for Ye. Gap, adidas, Balenciaga are the latest brands who have severed ties with the “College Dropout” rapper. Earlier this week, we reported that the George Floyd estate is suing Kanye for $250 Million.