Keke Palmer Sends A Beautiful Message To New Mothers

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After giving birth to her first child in February, Keke Palmer shares an encouraging message to new mothers.

During a recent interview, the actress spoke about new mothers giving themselves grace about losing their baby weight. 

“There’s always this thing of, ‘How’d they do it?’ And I think for me, the main thing I would say to any new mom is do what you can when you can, whatever it is that makes you feel good,” she said. “If it’s important to you, then hell yeah put in the work miss girl. Get you whatever diet you want to do or whatever workout regimen that works for you. And if that’s not what you’re worried about, then don’t worry about it.”

Palmer also stated that it can be mentally dangerous for new mothers to compare themselves to celebrities on TV after they’ve lost their baby weight. 

She said, “Anytime you see a celebrity doing a snapback or whatever like that, it’s part of the damn gig. A part of our jobs is to look good and to look the part. So don’t think it’s this thing where it’s like, ‘We doing it because we got it like that.’ No, the job is on the line. If we want the checks to get signed, we got to be what we got to be.”

Keke Palmer revealed that she’s on her own journey about her appearance and is doing what makes her happy. 

“If I feel like I need to hold it back and I need to do a little bit more work, or if I want to feel better about myself, I just do it.” She adds, “Other times I’m like, ‘Yo, pull up in the drive-through. I want the number five, large.’ You know what I mean? I do what I feel when I need to, because sometimes taking it easy, that is what you need.”