Keke Palmer’s Mother, Sharon Palmer, Breaks Silence Over Daughter’s Abuse

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Sharon Palmer breaks her silence over her daughter being abused by ex-boyfriend, Darius Jackson. 

Her mother went on social media to address Jackson’s brother, actor Sarunas Jackson after he tweeted and deleted that the actress was a “vile and abusive” person. 

In her video, Sharon shared that she made Sarunas aware of the abuse that was taking place and she said that his response was that he used to be like that too. 

She also claims that he has taught his brother how to be abusive just like him. See the post below.

This comes after Palmer filed for a restraining order against Darius as well as filing for full custody of her 8-month-old son, Leodis. The actress recently shared photos of her being choked and thrown over the couch by Darius. 

We will keep you updated as more news develops.