Keke Wyatt Announces She Is Pregnant With Her 11th Child

Keke Wyatt is getting ready to welcome her 11th child into this world. 

The singer recently made the announcement on her Instagram post and stated she is to receive an interview that she isn’t opposed to having 12 children in total.

She said, “Well, my hunnie, can wear a ‘Last One’ shirt all he wants, but I have learned never say never. So we shall see, Ok!” 

She also stated that she was excited and surprised that her pregnancy test turned out to be positive and that her children all had mixed feelings and reactions to the news. 

“My kids are very real. Overall, they are excited. My kids help me so much in every way. Don’t just like get it twisted, some days they are lazy just like kids and I have to get on their ass. But other than that, they are great.” 

Wyatt added, “When my husband and I sneak away from the kids and have grown-up time, we normally never have slipups. We normally stay on point but this time… not so much. My husband is very happy.” 

She already knows the sex of the baby and will reveal it at a later time.