Keke Wyatt Dishes On New Reality Show

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Keke Wyatt fans sure love them some her! Now she’s returning to reality TV and is excited to share her life with her fans once more. Previously, she was on shows like R&B Divas and Marriage Bootcamp with her now ex-husband, Michael Jamar Ford. In both instances, she has felt as though they did not fully portray her the way she would’ve preferred.

But now, in her new WeTV series, Keke Wyatt’s World, she is able to give fans a look into her life to see who she really is. Wyatt will show what it’s like to run a household with 11 children. tending to her new husband, Zackariah Darring, all while releasing a new project after a six-year hiatus.

In a conversation with Essence, the singer explained that she was more comfortable coming back to reality TV when she was given the opportunity to be executive producer for the show.

“That made me be like, ‘Okay, they can’t just edit words together and just do whatever they want to do without my say so,’” she explained to the outlet. “Plus, I have a special needs baby and I want to help other mothers and families that may be going through. I also want my fans, I call them friend-fans, to be able to see directly into my home, see what we’re going through with the baby, while mothering all of our other children and trying to get along with my husband and juggling my career.”

In regards to her upcoming project, she believes that this is the right time to come back after a lengthy hiatus from music.

Wyatt said she chose this time due to “life circumstances and just the things that I’m going through. It’s a good way to relieve the pressure and release the worry and just feel good, feel free and feel like a woman; feel sexy on some songs, on other songs feel like I’m saying what I need to say.”