Kelly Price Addresses Backlash For Response To Diddy’s Apology

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Kelly Price is addressing the backlash she has received since responding to Diddy’s apology for assaulting Cassie in 2016. 

The singer was blasted by fans on social media after she posted prayers under his posts. They believed that Price was accepting the behavior of Diddy, however the “Friend of Mine,” singer says that her comments were misconstrued. 

Price went on her Instagram account to shut down the claims that she is a “Diddy cheerleader” and says that her now-deleted comments were a warning to the media mogul. “I won’t let anyone call me out for something I didn’t do. I can’t offer redemption, forgiveness or Grace because my name is a Kelly, not Jesus,” she wrote in her caption.

“What happens legally is up to the people who have that authority,” she added. Price then explained that she wasn’t clout-chasing or choosing a side. “I have not spoken about any of this stuff since it’s come out. I don’t stand with anything that is criminal. None of us can unsee what we saw,” she said. 

“So it wasn’t ‘Oh, my God! I’m praying for you! Why are they trying to drag the Black man down?’” she said while mocking the people defending Diddy. “Do the soul work because there’s nothing that therapy, a psychologist, a psychiatrist… they can give you steps to try not to repeat the behavior, but if you don’t get your soul right, there will not be real change.”