Kelly Price Slams Well Known Preachers & Artists Who Have Tried To Sleep With Her

Kelly Price has shared a startling revelation with her fans.

In a video reel posted to her Instagram account, Price, 50, shared that she has been approached multiple times by several well-known preachers and artists for indecent proposals. 

“I’m one of the very few artists who have been able to record and tour with both gospel and R&B artists, and the lives that are lived by the people that you worship are despicable and disgusting,”

She said she’s never proclaimed to be a gospel artist, declaring “I’m an R&B artist who did a Gospel album,” “This Is Who I Am.” But her heart was “broken” after seeing how these artists conducted themselves while touring.

She continued, “My heart was broken when I saw the things that happened on the road with a lot of these artists.”

The “Friend of Mine” singer said that while on the road she witnessed a lot behavior from both gospel and R&B artists that was less than holy.

“My heart was broken because there was still a part of me that believed that holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord. That’s biblical also.”

Punctuating her remarks with a comment about all of the preachers who tried to get in her bed, she said, “That’s another story. You won’t get it for free. Refuse to give that for free.”

“Some of your favorite preachers all over your timeline and in your YouTube right now, that if they could have gotten me in my bed or in their bed, they would have. But I don’t play those games,” the chart-topper said. “F—k a  Man. I Fear God.”

Price’s commentary about the alleged blasphemous behavior follow a recent wave of preachers and gosepl artists receiving criticism.

Megachurch pastor, Bishop TD Jakes, has been at the center of a social media rumor mill accusing him of appearing at Diddy’s sex-charged parties.

Kirk Franklin made headlines  for allegedly twerking on one of the Clark Sisters, Jacky Clark Chisholm.