Kelly Rowland Addresses The Rumors Of A Destiny’s Child Reunion

Kelly Rowland is speaking on the rumors about a possible Destiny’s Child reunion with fellow group members Beyoncé Knowles and Michelle Williams. 

During a recent interview, Rowland said, “We love everybody so much that we wouldn’t toy with it, but I do think that… you would deserve a surprise. I feel like everything is just so planned so we see it before it happens and we see the process right after it happens.” 

The singer added, “It’s just a lot, like, we deserved spontaneity, we desire to be surprised and I would hope Destiny’s Child would be a pleasant surprise.” The group has not been together since 2015, however, they performed together during Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance in 2013. 

Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams appeared alongside Queen Bey during her “Beychella” performance. Destiny’s Child gave fans hits such as “Bill, Bills, Bills,” “Say My Name”, “Cater 2 U”, “Girl”, and more. 

How would feel if the group came together one more time?